Heritage - PULP68


A rider ou à collectionner… Nous vous proposons ces perles de l’histoire du skate

– World Ind. Natas / Lee

– 101 Gabriel Rodriguez

– Cliché Sammy Winter

Do it or not? The Devil Workship grafic from 101 Skates ask the question how far we can go with violence, horror, sex, evil and all those things reprimanded by the moral values. But we talk about skateboard right here and 101, a subdivision of the evil empire named World industries leaded by the infamous Steve Rocco, so i think everything’s possible beyond limits. In that case Marc McKee want to be more “hardcore” than every other brands at the time and showed up with that design which cause some problems “visually” as it despites a devil with a decapitated baby, some religious people hanged on a cross, an inverted pentagram and multiple signs of satanism and darkness…

…As always the purpose is only impact by visual violence and  scary references, but nothing serious at all…anyway that model was originaly done for Jason Lee who declined the proposition even with a 10,000 $ check!! The “Thing” ended up in the hands of Natas who already got many problems with his related name to Satan/Natas. Natas found in that design a way to joke all his detractors and that board was finally release with many complaints from the resellers and the magazines. One more time World take over all the other brand no matter what the people think. For the story when Natas broke his ankle later, the rumor said it was on that particular deck, like a sign from the devil…but it’s all bullshit cause it was a Vallely animal board